XSOAR Hands-On Workshop

Thursday, 1st of July 2021 09:00 AM

If you thought security operations was all fun and games, think again. Security analysts can often feel like they’re in a perpetual Pac-Man state, gobbling repetitive pellets and racing against time while malicious ghosts loom in the distance. It’s time to level up your SOC skills with Cortex XSOAR!
Learn how to build automated playbooks to help you get the job done faster. Our experts will provide initial overviews and demos, followed by hands-on exercises and a wrap up with Q&A. We hope you are able to join us online! 

We will take a deeper look at playbooks for common use cases such as:

 - Phishing,

 - Failed or suspicious user logins,

 - IT and Security operations,

 - Malware analysis,
 - And more!

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