Menlo Security  

Configuring and Deploying the Menlo Security Private Cloud (OVA)

Course Dates:

Let us know if your dates / timezone are not available.

Course Overview

This one-day course will walk you through the concepts and configuration of the Menlo Security Private Cloud (On-Premise) deployment. You will learn the differences between the appliance types and how to manage upgrades across the deployment.

The following topics are covered:

  1. Configuration: Cluster Creation, Template Management, Client Line Interface

  2. Certificates: SSL, Trusted

  3. Upgrades: Scheduling and Management across the Cluster

  4. Policy: Administration, Authentication

  5. Reporting: Dashboard, UI Logs, Monitoring, Operational and Syslogs

  6. Appliance Manager: Overview



It is recommended that students registering for this course have already completed the Web Isolation - Administration course.  Completion of the Web Isolation -Troubleshooting course is optional but students may benefit from it.

In order for you to access and carry out the workshops, you will be provided with a lab environment which contains all the software required to successfully complete the course. 

A separate email will be sent from Menlo Security informing you of how to connect to this environment. If you do not receive the email by the Friday preceding the course please email