Coffee With Cortex® XDR™

Thursday, 16th of December 2021 09:00 AM

We’ve got your next coffee, so take a break!

Adversaries never take a break which means neither do you. You probably spend too much time managing siloed tools and chasing false alarms.

Cortex® XDR™3.0 changes all of that. It’s the industry’s first XDR platform that spans across all data sources to stop modern attacks. With its proven threat prevention, ML-powered detection and coordinated response, Cortex XDR finally lets you take a much-needed break.

Join us on the third Thursday of every month to see our 30-minute coffee-break demo of Cortex XDR 3.0 in action. Cortex XDR 3.0:

  • Provides deeper analytics and accelerated investigation and response
  • Brings cloud security to SOC threat monitoring teams
  • Collects deep forensics evidence to speed incident response

 See the top features and benefits of our third-generation XDR solution! Qualified attendees will get a $10 coffee gift card.* We’ve got your next coffee, so take a break!

*Partners of Palo Alto Networks do not qualify.

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