Cloud Native Security Camp

Tuesday, 11th of January 2022 08:00 AM

Level Up Your Approach to Cloud Native Security

To keep up with the competition, many organizations are transforming their business models to focus on speed to market. They’re moving away from the traditional “waterfall” approach to a sprint-based agile methodology, giving development teams autonomy for each service to be deployed, rebuilt, redeployed and managed independently across the software development lifecycle.

Technology teams need ways to operationalize cloud transformation while avoiding unforeseen costs. Breaking down silos between development and IT operations to create DevOps is a big step in the right direction, helping maintain agility and a standardized approach across the organization.

The next critical step is to account for risk early in the build phase of development, and ensure that security is maintained through deployment and across the runtime environment.

Brought to you by Prisma™ Cloud, our Cloud Native Security Camp is a workshop for professionals focused on learning more about how to help their organizations develop the people, processes and tools necessary to adopt DevSecOps practices. Attend to learn:

  • Why organizations are making the shift from DevOps to DevSecOps
  • How to overcome cultural differences between development and security teams
  • Where security fits in the development lifecycle
  • Key considerations when choosing security tools for your organization

 Sign up today. You’ll have the chance to network with peers to get insights into establishing a DevSecOps practice for your organization, get hands on to see how Prisma Cloud addresses security risks throughout the development lifecycle, and enjoy some spirited competition.

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