Nutanix - Virtual Technology Bootcamp - Enterprise Private Cloud

Wednesday, 21st of September 2022 09:30 AM

In this hands-on lab environment, you will learn the fundamentals of Nutanix technology. Designed and delivered by Nutanix Senior Engineers, Technology Bootcamps ensure a one-to-one personalized discussion. Our instructors will work with you to enhance your knowledge around how Nutanix private cloud technology can simplify, modernize, and optimize Enterprise IT in the cloud era. 

In our session, we will cover how to: 

- Experience the benefits of Nutanix AHV, AOS, and Prism to quickly and easily provision, manage, and maintain your Enterprise Private Cloud.

- Leverage Nutanix Calm to standardize, automate, and provision applications and resources.

- Employ Life Cycle Manager to automate, simplify, and expedite software and firmware updates to the Nutanix platform. 

- Right-size VMs with Prism Pro to maximize efficiency without sacrificing performance.

- Easily secure and harden your private cloud to ensure uptime and minimize risk to IT and the Business. 

- Consolidate file storage with the benefits of multiprotocol along with advanced analytics with Nutanix Files.

- Secure applications and workloads with Nutanix Flow.

- Gain rich insights with Xi Beam on Cost Governance and Security Compliance for your Enterprise’s public and private cloud.

You will need your laptop to participate in hands-on demos.

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