#125 Lamont Orange — CISO, Netskope


Wide Angle Perspective

In this episode, Lamont Orange, CISO of Netskope, joins the podcast to talk about the evolution of the CISO role and skill set now that security has become a business issue. He explains, “It requires cross-functional execution and audit to ensure that your organization is protected. So those soft skills are more important now than they’ve ever been.”

He discusses managing security for the company while remote working and describes feeling pretty good about what Netskope has created and achieved as he uses their products. He goes on to talk about the other challenges posed by COVID-19 to businesses and recommends that leaders should adapt without losing sight of the fundamentals. He says, “Don’t be afraid to throw out the old models. We need to work on models that allow us to innovate our profession and also allow us to innovate at the speed of the business.”

  • 03:31 — Security is a business function now.
  • 08:29 — What does it feel like to be customer zero of your organization?
  • 11:10 — A warp speed jump to the cloud with remote working
  • 12:45 — Pre-COVID, during COVID, post-COVID – we’re always managing risk.
  • 14:38 — Some companies may switch to remote working permanently.
  • 16:41 — Don’t be afraid to throw out the old models.

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