#126 Cat Coode — Digital Dangers at Home


“In the effort to connect, we are also exposing ourselves to risk”

Cat Coode, Data Privacy Expert at Binary Tattoo joins the podcast for a second time. She talks about the digital dangers we face at home as we work remotely and try to stay connected to each other. She cautions that we should be wary of the information we share. The tools we use for telemedicine consultations may be HIPPA compliant, but what about our home routers? 

Cat points out that there are no regulations that cover working from home. Companies need to step up and ensure that the policies they apply in the workplace also apply to employees at home. And those conference call screenshots we’re sharing on social media? Stop now. They expose to every participant to evils like phishing emails and social engineering. She would like to see us all learn how to use our digital tools correctly. She explains, “All tools are like knives; they’re inherently dangerous, unless you use them safely.”

  • 00:50 — The telemedicine tools you are using may be HIPPA compliant, but what about your home environment?
  • 04:31 — There are no regulations to cover privacy and working from home. Companies need strong policies.
  • 06:35 — Sharing conferencing images on social media exposes those involved to risk.
  • 08:27 — People’s main privacy questions right now center on contact tracing.
  • 13:31 — Digital tools are like knives – if you don’t use them safely they are dangerous.

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