#128 Jodi Daniels — Practical Data Privacy Advisor


Practical Privacy

Jodi Daniels, Practical Data Privacy Advisor, talks about the tools companies can use to keep their data and their employees safe during remote working, including multifactor authentication, strong passwords and virtual private networks. If they don’t already have one in place, Jodi recommends that every company develop a remote working policy and revisit security policies. She points out, “this is likely not the first and last time we’re going to be doing this.”

For end users wondering which companies are digitally trustworthy, Jodi recommends starting with their privacy policy: when is it dated, do they update it, is it custom or generic? Businesses that place data privacy at the center of their business and corporate culture will be stronger for it. Jodi explains, “it’s just one more part to the puzzle to ensure that we’re meeting expectations, that we’re earning customer trust and that we’re protecting customer data.”

  • 03:56 — With a remote workforce companies are facing access management challenges.
  • 06:56 — Managing employee privacy
  • 11:02 — Setting employee productivity expectations.
  • 12:07 — In business, privacy needs to be added to the core considerations.
  • 15:08 — How can end users can decide which companies to trust?

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