#129 Merritt Baer — Principal Security Architect, Amazon Web Services


Cloud: Adopt and Adapt

In this episode, Merritt Baer, Principal Security Architect at Amazon Web Services, talks about all things cloud. She discusses her own path to security and the steps she is taking to encourage new voices and faces into the industry. She explains, “The idea that security can be part of this emergence and this innovative side of technology, I believe that strongly.”

She describes cloud as an experiment that has worked. It offers a new approach to security and with its ability to adapt and survive upheaval is well suited to the challenges posed by the current pandemic. As for the future, Merritt sees cloud as a maturing of the industry and is definitely here to stay.

  • 01:30 — Journey to cybersecurity
  • 05:38 — Cloud is a game changer; it allows you to think differently about security.
  • 08:52 — Mindshift is required.
  • 10:48 — Unfortunately, security exemplifies the negative aspects of the tech world.
  • 15:38 — Cloud is an experiment that has worked.

If you are curious about a career in cybersecurity, Merritt would be happy to have a short conversation with you. You can reach her via email at merrbaer@amazon.com or on Twitter @MerrittBaer.

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