#124 Michael Manrod — CISO, Grand Canyon Education


Give People with Potential a Shot

As leaders we need to ask ourselves, can we take a chance on somebody with potential and invest the effort and time to train them and help them get their start?

In this episode, Mike Manrod, CISO of Grand Canyon Education, Inc., joins the podcast to discuss how the world is adapting to a mobile workforce and the state of the cybersecurity job market. He explains that while the job market is currently contracting, cybersecurity remains a needed, growing and in-demand field.

Mike goes on to talk about the closed mindset many leaders have when it comes to hiring. Constantly chasing a small pool of candidates with great experience and multiple skill sets has done nothing to close the skills gap.It has just led to inflated salaries. He believes managers should consider giving candidates with potential a chance. It is time to be flexible with the workforce.

  • 02:05 — The job market is shrinking but cybersecurity as career field will not be going away.
  • 07:15 — We need to give people a shot and a start. Not every cyber job requires decades of experience.
  • 10:04 — The adversaries are still out there. We need to automate, strategize and be able to do more with less.
  • 12:39 — Cold calling isn’t the best approach now. Vendors need to find introductions through trusted pipelines.

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